Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 Boxes of 2005 Just Minors Dual Autographs Break and Review! Awesome Dual Auto!

Video Break:
Purchased: $15 from Dave and Adam's Card World a dacardworld exclusive!
Each box contains an autographed 8 x 10 Autographed Photo and 2 packs of Just Autographs 2005. Each pack contains an autograph card. There is also a 1:6 chance for an additional dual autograph card numbered to 10 or 25, and I hit one. The top portraits are of Hanley Ramirez, Mark Teixeira, Carl Crawford, AJ Burnett, Joe Mauer, Tim Hudson, Grady Sizemore, Miguel Cabrera, and Alfonso Soriano.

When you first see this product, you might glance over it. A minor league product for $15? who would want that anyways? Then, read the description and see that you will receive 3 autographs per box and start dreaming about pulling an awesome 8 x 10. That's the process I went through when I purchased two boxes of 2005 Just Minors Dual Autographs.

The contents of my first box are so miserable they don't deserve to be posted. Each autograph was of a player who had retired.

The second box, however, contained an awesome surprise, a Ryan Braun Chuck James Dual Auto #2/25!

I also got a pretty cool portrait #27/50, but the player is retired and never really made it to the Majors. 

I was really excited to see this Braun auto after receiving a Braun rookie Auto from my 2007 SP Rookie Edition Break which you can check out here.

Just Minors is all about the autographs. The bases are literally some of the worst cards I have ever seen because they are cheap and plain. This product is simple: buy a box for $15, get 3 autographs, and test your luck. You could end up with lots of terrible minor leaguers but you could also strike gold. The cheap price point allows you to gamble on multiple boxes and hopefully pull 1/2 valuable autos. A minor league autographed picture or numbered autograph card for a superstar for $15 is an unbelievable deal, and I strongly encourage you to try your luck at a few boxes.


  1. Congrats on the Braun! That's a sweet pull! I purchased two boxes myself, looking forward to busting them.

  2. Wow, so that's where you got the Iribarren auto!! I may have to try some of these. Awesome card, really liking it. Thanks for trading it to me.