Monday, July 11, 2011

Box Break Bonanza: 2009 Upper Deck Icons Break: Pretty Good!

To make up for my absence the past few days, I'll be posting a box break everyday this week! I also have some catchup posts from trades and team lots and if I messaged you about a trade, I'll get on that this week!
First of all is 2009 Upper Deck Icons Football!
Purchased: $55 from

Video Break:

NFL Icons Ronde Barber 39/40, NFL Reflections Deion Branch Braylon Edwards 208/450, Sophomore Sensations Jonathan Stewart 292/450, NFL Legends Alan Page 567/599, Decades of Dominance DeMarcus Ware 99/450, Icons Ray Lewis 102/125, NFL Reflections Brady Quinn Matt Schaub 058/450, NFL Rookies Jared Cook 198/599, NFL Reflections David Garrard Vince Young 137/199

NFL Reflections Larry Johnson Deuce McAllister Dual Jersey 20/99, Mike Ditka Immortal Lettermen 46/120, Terry Bradshaw Immortal Lettermen 41/75, Decades of Dominance Dwight Freeney 47/130 (not a hit but I ran out of room on the other scan), THE BIG HIT: Decade of Dominance Dallas Clark Auto 1/10, and a PC hit, Decades of Dominance Steven Jackson Jersey 074/199
This box always seems to be on clearance at blowout cards, so I did some research on the product and I took a chance on a box.

Each box has two jersey cards, two letterman legends manupatches, and one autograph.
The base cards are pretty good with nice pictures and also a faded close up in the background., and the colored ribbon pattern on the borders gives the cards a refined and valuable look. I enjoy the large quantity of relatively low-numbered inserts and their beautiful reflective surfaces. The NFL Reflections don't really make sense, but they're so shiny!

Depending on your opinion on manupatches, you get 3 or 5 hits per box. The jersey swatches are pretty small on the single patches, but the dual patches look nice. The auto checklist is probably the biggest issue with this product because many autos are high-numbered rookie autos. However, boxes give chances for autographed legends letterman patches which are one of a kind cards for collectors. Since I know there are many baseball fans, this product also comes in a similar baseball version.

This product makes the cut for the best box breaks if you enjoy manupatches because of the low-numbered, beautiful inserts, nice base set, and potential for huge legend autograph hits.


  1. Since I don't collect very many football cards, I was unaware of this product. It looks fantastic. And if you're ever wanting to swing away those Manupatches, let me know. Hopefully I have something to get at least one into my collection. Thanks for the box break!

  2. Hey Eric there's a baseball version if you're interested but it goes for around $70. I think the auto checklist might be better though. We can talk about the trade after i post a box of 2008 razor lettermen tonight!