Thursday, July 14, 2011

Box Break Bonanza: 2011 Topps Series 2 Retail Box

Purchased: $25 from

I'm posting a box break everyday this week so checkout the previous breaks in the sidebar or below.

I purchased this box because for half of the price of a hobby box, you still get the pack busting fun and all the inserts except for the low-numbered parallels, silk cards, and the top hits However, I still managed a hit and a short print sparkle. Most collectors have probably been buying blasters for $20 and packs for $2-3 a piece, but for $25, you can get a whole retail box online that contains 24 packs and 12 cards per pack. This is the way to go for buying 2011 Series 2 especially since I found a hit in my box and I expect a fair amount of boxes will also contain one.

You're all familiar with the set so here are the various inserts, all for trade except for the Reggie Jackson!
Scans after the break!

Here are the best cards: all Yankees...

Mantle original back, Gardner Jersey, and Yogi Berra Sparkle SP

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