Thursday, July 28, 2011

July Card Show Pickups #5: Random Cards.

Here are the rest of the cards I picked up, mostly base and inserts.
I love that Dirk throwback. The picture fits perfectly with the card theme. The Kidd is from a basketball offering centered around gold. That sounds familiar... The Sprewell had a seal on top that preserved the shinyness of the card.

The Dirk is an ebay 1/1 (41/249).  I thought I'd pickup some Yao base after his retirement, and Hibbert and Hickson have potential. Those masterpiece rookies look really nice.

The Favre is a clear, cool looking card  and I love those masterpiece cards.

All cards that are not Mavericks or Warriors and the Gerhart are for trade.


  1. I really like the EX sets. Someday I'll put together the baseball versions. Even when they weren't clear they were pretty neat.