Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Card Show Pickups #4: FOOTBALL IS BACK

First of all, I have to laugh at the Seahawks and 49ers. Matt Leinart, Tarvaris Jackson, and Alex Smith? Really? The Cardinals are busy with John Skelton and possibly Kevin Kolb who they'll probably have to give up a good player or high draft pick for. Things are looking good for the Rams who signed top safety Quintin Mikell today and have Josh McDaniels and Sam Bradford running the offense. You can probably tell, but football is by far my favorite sport even though I still follow baseball, basketball, and tennis closely. For me, rams football is my obsession.

I picked up this card, but I still don't have a real rookie card of Sam Bradford. I've opened way too much 2010 football looking for him and I have two more boxes coming this week. Meanwhile, I have a Tebow Bowman insert rookie, Certified Potential Insert numbered 001/999, and a Tebow Hit that you'll see below.

From the same $1 table as the Bradford and the Ginter relics, I also picked up these Suh rookies. The Donruss is numbered to 999.

Here are my rams pickups, the Torry Holt X-fractor is numbered to 250 and looks really trippy in the scan. Fendi Onobun is a converted basketball player who will be fighting to make the roster at tight end. He's a freak athelete but extremely raw. With Lance Kendricks and Hoomanawanui catching passes and Bajema blocking, he'll compete with UDFA Schuylar Oordt to make the roster. The Faulk actually has an orange 45 in the background but is kind of hard to see.

I picked up this nasty three color Packers patch numbered out of 50 for $3. Ryan Grant will be the frontrunner for the starting job in Green Bay this season after missing 2010 due to injury. This patch is incredible and Threads seems like a pretty good mid-end product along with Gridiron Gear.

I'm a fan of the Bowman Sterling relics because of the simple and clean silver finish. Also, I probably won't buy a $60 pack but the relics are widely available. The jersey swatches are pretty nice.

I was about to buy a Derrick Favors Auto Patch from a dealer when someone picked it up a second before I asked. The dealer saw this and offered to throw in any $4 card for free, and I picked this dual jersey numbered out of 99. Please someone take this off my hands so I can add some Bradford to my collection.

Seriously, someone take this Tebow off my hands.


  1. $3 for the Grant patch! That's such a great buy!

  2. Fine, since you twisted my arm, I'll take Tebow, too. Email me so we can get this trade started.

  3. Spastik- Yeah the dealer busted a case of Gold Standard and 5 boxes of Totally Certified and said he got almost nothing so he was trying to get rid of everything.

    Cubsfan- I'll send that email now.