Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2007 SP Rookie Edition Break and Review: Awesome Product and Nice Hit!

First product on the blog with a strong recommendation! Check out the break!

Here is the video break:

Purchased: $25 from Dave and Adam's Card World (was on sale today for $17 but sold out)

Here are some of the rookies I like, obviously I pulled a lot more because there are 4 to a pack.

Here are the two autos, which are on opposite ends of the spectrum :D

This box is definitely a great bargain, and that's why the box sold out within a few hours of being on sale today. The Braun was a great hit for a $25 box. Ther are two rookie autos per box on average in a strong rookie class. In each box expect plenty of Lincecum. Braun, Hamilton, Tulowitzki, Matsuzaka, Delmon Young, Phil Hughes, and other strong rookies. This post is simple because if you get a chance to buy this box for around $20, you definitely should!


  1. You can't be upset about pulling a Ryan Braun auto.

  2. yep I pulled another one in the Just Minors box too lol