Friday, May 27, 2011

2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition Break! 8 Autographs!

Purchased: $25 at Atlanta Sports Cards, awesome shipping and service!
Here is the video break:

This product is unbelievably awesome. 4 Rookie On-Card Autos a box for $25?! Also, you get 5 packs of retail portrait edition. You have got to pick some of these up! This product satisfies hit searchers, low-end collectors, and pretty much anyone else. Even if you prefer high-end cards, the autographs are great for collecting!

I failed in searching for Bradford other than one basic parallel, but I got some of my favorite players anyways.
Here are the autographs!

The awesome thing is that all of these players are/will likely be major contributers with the exception of Dezmon Briscoe, Anthony Dixon, and maybe Gerhart. I am a Stanford fan though so it was awesome to hit a numbered signature!

The base cards are pretty much useless and the inserts weren't too interesting. The only difference between the parallel insert and the regular cards is that the name of the player is in a blue reflective font as opposed to silver. Even the autograph cards are very thin and flimsy, and I was disappointed that the picture on the Gerhart was blurry. The simple appearance of these cards has a benefit though because it really feels hand signed. Sometimes really fancy sticker autos seem manufactured, but these cards are clean and simple.

Do yourself a favor and get one of these boxes! They are lots of fun and you have a chance at pulling some great rookie signatures!

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