Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If Gary Payton Gets into Blogging, We Might as Well Retire

If only I could make half as entertaining box breaks. He also bought packs for the kids in the store so kudos to The Glove.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks for a Great Black Friday

Hi everyone, thanks for your support and for reading during Black Friday! I hope that next year the blog formatting will be well-organized and possibly self-updating.
I also hope that next year Black Friday will be more community-oriented with people posting deals and highlighting the best ones.

I was really disappointed with Blowout Cards and Dave and Adam's Card World for their server instability and the fact that I was not rewarded for being up from 3-5 AM at all. Once again, great job to Orange County Sports Cards for their great deals and organization, and good job to Panini inspiring lots of business at LCS's.

The blog received nearly 900 views this weekend, which is awesome since the blog only has 7,000 views total. I took almost all of October and November off for family reasons, and I may be inactive for a couple of weeks, but I fully expect to return to blogging by the end of December.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday 2011: Blowout Cards Cyber Weekend

Blowout Cards is offering a second chance at all of the non-super specials. They are offering this sale and apologizing for the terrible server issues encountered today. Check out the specials here.

Black Friday 2011: Pittsburgh Sports Cards

All the deals seem to still be in stock here. Almost all cases or huge retail lots.

Black Friday 2011: Onyx Authenticated and Panini Authentic

I can't really figure out how the Onyx Authenticated sale works, but lots of random items are marked down. Feel free to explore the site. There is a Pineda autographed 8 x 10 for sale for $30.

If you're a big spender, Panini Authentic has some cool discounts on their big-time products from Kobe, Dirk, John Wall, and Blake Griffin. PLEASE PLEASE someone buy me that Dirk autograph...

Black Friday 2011: Overview and Great Job to Orange County Sports Cards

I went to the LCS and got 5 Black Friday packs that I will share with you soon. No hits though. I also bought a box of 2011 Certified. The owner said he hadn't seen a hit yet come out of the black friday packs, so they might not be as loaded as panini advertised.

I was up at 3 AM to check out Blowout Cards and Dave and Adam's Card World, but the websites had huge stability problems and were offering pretty terrible deals.
Blowout Cards is picking things up now though, but that kind of angers me. Why didn't you reward the customers who were first in line? Also, you have to pay shipping individually per purchase. Use the coupon code BKBB1111 $5 off $50. The website is still unstable and the boxes sell out immediately.

Atlants Sports Cards and DCS Sports Cards took a more conservative approach with decent sales that were listed all at once.

The huge surprise of Black Friday 2011 to me is at OC Sports Cards. They have been livestreaming on blogtv with a great reveal structure. Every 15 minutes a box goes on sale, then a memorabilia item. Almost every item is a 2011 product, the website is stable, and there are good quantities of items. Check out all the deals at their blog. Be sure to add the 2011 Rated Rookie set to your cart if you spend over $100, since it will be free along with free shipping. They have some great prices going on today. Use the code Beckett5 for 5% off a purchase above $100. If you're keeping track, that's a free 2011 Rated Rookie set, free shipping, and 5% off in addition to any savings. Some other sites seem to penalize you for buying from their sales.

UPDATE: They are opening a pack of '86 Fleer Basketball at 3 PM on their blogtv!

Almost All Deals Live: Check out the Sidebar

Happy Black Friday (and 3 AM to my fellow west coasters).

Most of the deals are live and the threads have been updated, so check out the pages in the sidebar to the right!

Biggest Deal so far? 2010 National Treasures Basketball Hobby Box for $319.95 at Dave and Adam's Card World.

A bit of a slow start, but Blowout Cards' deals every 10 minutes should heat things up.

UPDATE: Deals starting to come every five minutes at Blowout Cards.

Black Friday 2011: Atlanta Sports Cards

Deals are live over at Atlanta Sports Cards. They will have cheap BIN's that will pop up randomly on their eBay account in addition to their specials.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday 2011: Orange County Sports Cards LIVE

OC Sports Cards will be livestreaming deals on their blogtv starting from 7:30 AM tomorrow morning! A deal will occur every 30 minutes.

Products will include:
2011 Topps Finest Baseball
2010/11 In the Game Enshrined Hockey
2011 Topps Update Baseball
2010/11 Panini Contenders Patches Basketball
2011 Panini Threads Football
2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Baseball
Spend at least $100 and you'll get a FREE set of 2011 Rated Rookies Football with 1 Autographed Rookie Card!!!!!
Taylor Swift signed CD covers
Blake Griffin signed items
Charlie Sheen signed items
Other AWESOME Autographed Memorabilia

UPDATE: Check out the stream for details!

Black Friday 2011: DCS Sports Cards

DCS Sports Cards has begun their Black Friday Deals! Their deals are on their home page. Nothing too amazing here in my opinion.

Dave and Adam's Card World will be next up starting at 9 PM. Check out the post for the deals here.

Really sorry for clogging up the blogroll...

Black Friday 2011: Baseball Card Exchage and Checkoutmycards

Baseball Card Exchange has already started their Black Friday promotion: free shipping and 10% off any order above $50. This sale mainly benefits large purchases. Maybe some of you want to join together on a purchase?

Checkoutmycards has plenty of sales that are run by its users. Also, all purchases on COMC or Blowout Cards will be rewarded with a $20 off coupon for first time sellers.
There will also be a shipping special:
$4.95 for the first 20 cards and 11¢ for each additional card.

Black Friday 2011: First News

Hi everyone, happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the first Black Friday here at Cheap Card Collecting.

Check out the sidebar on the right for the compilation of posts. The posts will be by retailer/website.

Check out the new Online Sellers page from the above tabs in order to see the deals that sites are offering.

More posts will be coming after my Thanksgiving dinner!

Black Friday 2011: Dave and Adam's Card World, NOW LIVE

Dave and Adam's Card World will be the first major retailer to begin their Black Friday promotion when sales start at 12:01 AM EST (Baseball Card Exchange is running a minor promotion). This start time is awesome for West Coasters like myself.

They already have some nice products on clearance.

Check back here later for the deals.

UPDATE: Looks like the servers have crashed...

UPDATE:  Deals are live! It will be one deal an hour and then at 6 AM EST there will be a large amount of deals that will stay live until 6 PM EST.

12 AM EST: 2010 NCAA Sweet Spot Football $49.95

1 AM EST: 2011 Topps Pro Debut Baseball $36.95

Black Friday 2011: Blowout Cards LIVE

Blowout Cards is the retailer with the biggest Black Friday promotion.

The sales will start at 6 AM EST, which kind of sucks for everyone. However, all you have to do is set your alarm, go to your computer for 5 minutes, and go back to sleep.

The official forum thread will house all of the deals, so stay tuned to that page. They have already posted quite a few deals.

They also will post their deals on their Facebook and Twitter pages before updating the dorum thread.

Be careful, some of the deals they have posted are on products that go on sale for similar prices every week. However, there are also some huge deals to be had.

2007 Leaf Limited Football Hobby Box

Normal Price - $88.99
SUPER Black Friday Price - $29.99!

2011 Topps Chrome Football Hobby Box

Normal Price - $113.99
SUPER Black Friday Price - $79.99

2008 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Hobby Box

Normal Price - $184.99
SUPER Black Friday Price - $99.99!

These are the three biggest deals so far, and I'm sure a lot of bloggers (like myself) will be excited to see triple threads in an affordable range.
I don't really get the huge rise in Topps Chrome, even though I pulled one of the biggest cards in the product (see here). I think the product is really fun to bust, but at around $110 and with only one autograph, the value is pretty low. 

There are so many boxes on sale and so many people with different tastes that I can't cover all the deals. Please check out the forum thread posted above and update this post with any deals you like!

UPDATE: Deals are now live, starting it off with Razor Signature Series (please tell me I'm up at 3 AM for something better).
Deals are coming every 10 minutes from their facebook page!
UPDATE: Deals starting to come every five minutes.

UPDATE: Most deals are not limited in quality, but super deals will occur each hour. Check out the facebook page for details.

Black Friday 2011: Panini's Black Friday

First of all, checkout the debut of the online sellers page. Some of the sites haven't listed whether or not they will have Black Friday promotions, so check them out and if you find anything, be sure to tell me.

Let's start off with the company with the biggest promotion this Black Friday.

Panini is really pushing a Black Friday promotion that includes special Black Friday packs. It looks like the rate will be one pack for each $25 spent. Here is a list of LCS's participating. Be sure to check if your LCS is running any sales Friday!

You can also participate by buying from the Panini store.

The big inclusions in the packs are Super Bowl XLV Relics and autos, a Marshall Faulk gold card, Tebow on-card autos, and numerous rookie cards.

Some cards have already been popping up on eBay.

Black Friday Updates Coming Tonight

I'm very excited to share this first black friday with the blogosphere, considering this blog is all about deals.

For now, enjoy your thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Best Pull of my Life by far

Hi everyone, don't consider this my return to blogging since there is still a lot of family instability going on as older relatives get older and have passed away. Luckily, stability is approaching and things are improving.

I still had to share this quick card since I've never pulled anything like this before. 2011 Topps Chrome has been exploding, and I managed to pick up 30 packs for $90 from baseballcardshop.net , a local store in PA (didn't think I had lost my bargain-hunting nose did you?). They have fast shipping so be sure to check them out.

# 5/10

I absolutely freaked out when I saw this card. I saw the back and thought it was an insert. What a pull. I've never experienced anything like it in the card world.

Hope to be back soon and thanks to the bloggers that commented on my last post, Anthony.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hope to resume posting soon

Thanks to everyone for your patience. Family situations have stopped me from posting recently, and I don't know how soon I'll be back. I will still try to read and comment.