Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday 2011: Overview and Great Job to Orange County Sports Cards

I went to the LCS and got 5 Black Friday packs that I will share with you soon. No hits though. I also bought a box of 2011 Certified. The owner said he hadn't seen a hit yet come out of the black friday packs, so they might not be as loaded as panini advertised.

I was up at 3 AM to check out Blowout Cards and Dave and Adam's Card World, but the websites had huge stability problems and were offering pretty terrible deals.
Blowout Cards is picking things up now though, but that kind of angers me. Why didn't you reward the customers who were first in line? Also, you have to pay shipping individually per purchase. Use the coupon code BKBB1111 $5 off $50. The website is still unstable and the boxes sell out immediately.

Atlants Sports Cards and DCS Sports Cards took a more conservative approach with decent sales that were listed all at once.

The huge surprise of Black Friday 2011 to me is at OC Sports Cards. They have been livestreaming on blogtv with a great reveal structure. Every 15 minutes a box goes on sale, then a memorabilia item. Almost every item is a 2011 product, the website is stable, and there are good quantities of items. Check out all the deals at their blog. Be sure to add the 2011 Rated Rookie set to your cart if you spend over $100, since it will be free along with free shipping. They have some great prices going on today. Use the code Beckett5 for 5% off a purchase above $100. If you're keeping track, that's a free 2011 Rated Rookie set, free shipping, and 5% off in addition to any savings. Some other sites seem to penalize you for buying from their sales.

UPDATE: They are opening a pack of '86 Fleer Basketball at 3 PM on their blogtv!

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