Friday, November 25, 2011

Almost All Deals Live: Check out the Sidebar

Happy Black Friday (and 3 AM to my fellow west coasters).

Most of the deals are live and the threads have been updated, so check out the pages in the sidebar to the right!

Biggest Deal so far? 2010 National Treasures Basketball Hobby Box for $319.95 at Dave and Adam's Card World.

A bit of a slow start, but Blowout Cards' deals every 10 minutes should heat things up.

UPDATE: Deals starting to come every five minutes at Blowout Cards.


  1. Both sites (DA and Blowout) are again hosed. I'm relatively unimpressed with the deals so far overall, and the only ones I was going to jump on went too fast when I decided to wait for more since the shipping wasn't worth it. Maybe other stuff will come up, though. Did you pick anything up yet?

  2. I feel you, I was up from 3-5 AM here for pretty much nothing. I just picked up two of the Ace reserve tennis sets, but most people don't want those. I also picked up a box of Crown Royale from the panini store with the black friday promotion. They also have free shipping. I'll be heading to the LCS soon, but I think that orange county sports cards is having the best deals.

  3. I'll take a look there. BBCE's deals seem nice too since their prices are already often reasonable, and the free shipping is the best deal with them actually.