Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanks for a Great Black Friday

Hi everyone, thanks for your support and for reading during Black Friday! I hope that next year the blog formatting will be well-organized and possibly self-updating.
I also hope that next year Black Friday will be more community-oriented with people posting deals and highlighting the best ones.

I was really disappointed with Blowout Cards and Dave and Adam's Card World for their server instability and the fact that I was not rewarded for being up from 3-5 AM at all. Once again, great job to Orange County Sports Cards for their great deals and organization, and good job to Panini inspiring lots of business at LCS's.

The blog received nearly 900 views this weekend, which is awesome since the blog only has 7,000 views total. I took almost all of October and November off for family reasons, and I may be inactive for a couple of weeks, but I fully expect to return to blogging by the end of December.

Thanks for reading!

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