Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trade with Manupatches and Chrome Scratches

Recently I sent Eric some letter patches in return for base, inserts, and some miscellaneous hits.
Here are some of the cards he sent:
Here's some older Dirk goodness and really nice looking base from contenders. The last row has some old-school Chris Mullin.

Here's a beautiful lot of Kidd rookie cards and inserts.

Some more nice base.

Here are some highlights from a huge lot of Giants with a lot of Will Clark. I really like the shots on the Darren Lewis and Will Clark.

Here are some hits he sent me and one of four Hakim rookies in the package, these are all for trade except the Vanegas, Thabeet, and Hakim. AJ Vanegas will be pitching at Stanford this year so hopefully I can see him play. A 7th round pick this year, he has potential.

Thanks for the trade!


  1. Glad there were some cards in there you liked! Thanks for the trade and I look forward to our next one!

  2. Since you're already holding the Pike auto for me, I'm also going to ask you to hold the Edmonds dual relic, if you please.