Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trade Bait Draft

This post is waaay late but about a month ago, I participated in the trade bait draft over at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.
Here are my favorites, the Rodman is beautiful in real life and epitomizes shiny 90's inserts. If the Malone floor piece is actually from the all-star game, that's pretty cool. The 1st overall pick, the Dennis Martinez is by far the nicest looking autographed card I have.  I'll probably give away the Blalock on the site soon so be sure to follow!

Here are the rest of the hits, all for trade.

Some random cards from the rest of my picks, the Boots Day was the oldest card available.
I managed to fill out my Crunch Crew Set too!
The draft was awesome and I hope to participate next year!

Heres what SpastikMooss had to say about my picks:
"Picking 1st: Anthony of Cheap Card Collecting (His blog is new - check it out!)
Hits Acquired: 9 (3 autos, 6 relics)
Best Value: Absolutely has to be the LT Gold Victory RC in Round 16. Hits aside, this was the most valuable card in the draft, and Anthony snagged it up much later than I figured it would go. Very cool card.
Best Card: As with Justin, I'm gonna say pick #1. The Dennis Martinez Auto was great, my personal favorite auto, and so I saw no fault with Anthony choosing that card #1. Bummer it wasn't tied to the free box of course, but nice job going with the terrific card given the first pick.
Overall Thoughts: The first pick is hard just like the last pick since you have to wait so long, but I think Anthony did a fabulous job. He got some nice rookie cards, an excellent Karl Malone floor piece on the way back around the first time, and even had some fun with odd sets, picking up a few Crunch Crew and Rock the House inserts. And he also got a shiny Ricky Henderson out of the deal, which is always a good day."

Here is the complete list of cards I picked in order:

1.    Dennis Martinez 1996 Leaf Signature silver ON CARD AUTO
2.    Karl Malone 2001 SP Game Floor Edition FLOOR PIECE
3.    Hank Blalock 2005 Donruss Classics Dress Code JSY/BAT (Serial 015/100)
4.    Brian Wilson 2010 Topps Update ASG JSY
5.    1997 Topps Rock Stars - RS5 (Rodman)
6.    Kevin Smith 2008 Topps Rookie Progression STICKER AUTO RC
7.    08-09 Upper Deck Hot Prospects Ray Allen JSY
8.    2006 Ultimate - 209 (McCovey, Serial 120/799)
9.    05 Leaf Rookies and Stars Corey Dillon JSY (Serial 34/55)
10.  2001 Victory - 374 (Vick RC)
11.  Derrick Morgan 2009 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures STICKER AUTO RC (Serial 140/299)
12.  1972 Topps - 254 (Boots Day)
13.  1992 Panini Stickers 278 (R. Henderson Shiny)
14.  2001 Victory Gold - 416 (LT RC)
15.  Carlos Rogers 2005 Topps Draft Senior Standouts JSY
16.  1995-1996 Hoops Rock the House – 377
17.  2009 Topps Chrome Refractor - C86 (Haden RC)
18.  1989 Topps Big - 55 (Sheff RC)
19.   1989 Topps Coins - 6 (Brett Butler)
20.  1990 Score 554 (Singletary Crunch Crew)
21.  1995-1996 Hoops Rock the House - 387 Karl Malone
22.  2000 Pacific Crown Royale - 18 (Issac Bruce)
23.  1990 Score -  552 (LT Crunch Crew)
24.  1990 Score - 555 (Harris Crunch Crew)

Next: The Emerald City Diamond Gems Trade Package that I should have posted 2 weeks ago.


  1. The Denny is still my favorite, but damn do the Crunch Crews ever look cool together!

  2. I may need to stock up on your cards of choice so that I can pry that Malone floor card outta your paws. That thing is awesome!

  3. ANY interest in moving the LT? Because I'd love to trade for it haha.

  4. Don't think I'll move the Tomlinson right now Greg, it's pretty awesome haha.
    Yeah the Malone and the Martinez are beautiful cards.