Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cam Newton's Newest Fan plus a Quick Contest

Recently I pulled this Cam Newton auto.

Today I managed to sell it for $625. Life is good.

Cam Newton is officially one of my favorite players.

I also busted a box of 2006 Ultimate Baseball that I bought on Black Friday and I'll post it pack by pack.

I'm giving away the bonus pack's 1/1 printing plate, and all you need to do is guess what team the player depicted on the printing plate is on (the team on the plate, not his current team). To eliminate a couple of teams it's not the Giants or A's or I would have kept the plate. It's also not the Yankees or Red Sox so there's no need for lots of guesses for both of those teams.


  1. I will also say Royals, since they are the greatest (in my mind).

  2. devil rays. thanks for the shot. :)

  3. Angels (at least that's what my magic computer code tells me)