Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2006 Ultimate Collection Baseball Break Part 2: Jerseys

Thanks for your patience during a hectime time for me and my family, I should be back for good now.

Continuing the Ultimate Break, here are the two jersey cards, interestingly numbered 1/50, and 2/50 respectively. Both cards are FT.

I can't really stand the Kendry (although I guess his real name is Kendrys) Morales card being in a somewhat high-end product. How can there be a plain jersey card of an average player...
Hank Blalock has his fans around the blogosphere, and these patches are one of the reasons I tried this product. We'll see if Blalock is signed by a team this offseason.


  1. I really shouldn't be claiming cards, but I would love a shot at that Blalock!

  2. Wow... those patches on the Blalock are pretty amazing. Nice pull.