Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kudos to the Warriors

Living in the bay area, I've noticed some great trends of teams committing to social networking.

Recently the Warriors have really been pushing checking-in on facebook, and deals for being one of the first people at the stadium have included meeting Jerry West:

and shooting free throws on the court. Hopefully they turn out better than DeSagna Diop's...

I was curious about what other teams around the country have been doing around social networking. I've still been collecting by the way, and have plenty of items to post. However, I'm rethinking some of the deals-related portions of the blog, especially since I've noticed that most of the deals are the same old products each week. I might make guides to selling your own mystery packs, the risks of busting a case, and information about important sports cards websites more in the future.

and completely unrelated but funny:

NBA Laboratory: Givin' Kobe The Business from Jon Bois on Vimeo.