Monday, June 13, 2011

Trade Bait Part #1: Inserts!

Hi everyone, sorry that there haven't been any box breaks recently, some PC stuff and box breaks are coming.

Here are most of the inserts I have for trade.
 These are 5 orange retail exclusive refractors from Topps 2010 value boxes.
TOTT #25 Warren Moon 47/50, TOTT #70 Santan Moss 16/25, #90 MVP Gold Script Al Jefferson 76/100, CA-12 Tony Gonzalez 186/250, Refractor #19 Curtis Martin, and #244 Mike Aviles Diamond parallel.

Purple Refractor #37 Jorge Posada /599, #110 Aroldis Chapman Gold Rookie /2011, #159 Brandon Webb refractor, #102 Jake Peavy x-fractor, #86 Chase Utley X-fractor

Always looking for Rams, Mavericks, Warriors, San Francsico Giants and A's!


  1. Curtis Martin and Jorgr Posada please. I will find something from your interests.

  2. do u still have the mantle,robinson and strasburg line from the top set here?

    i have some giants for trade. for example: ]
    A&G cody ross postseason heroes
    various bonds inserts from 90's
    62 rookie gaylord perry reprint
    upper deck x-ponential randy johnson
    assorted matt williams

    lemme know if ur interested. check my profile here for my email. leave a comment here fo rme if u have any trouble to find me. thanks.