Friday, June 10, 2011

Who Needs Retail Anyways? Lots of Deals around the Blogosphere!

This weekend, there are tons of group breaks, bloggers looking to sell, and contests.
I've already posted two contests:
Enter the contest at This Card is Cool at this link!
Enter the contest at Buckeye State's Trading Post at this link!

Here are some more!
Crinkly Wrappers is giving away a card from each Topps set from 1952-2011 in their contest!
Clear Cut Cards' contest is over here and features a really cool custom card set!
San Jose Fuji also has a contest!

Cards from the Quarry is looking to fill a group break!

I'm participating in something really cool, GSNHOF's 2nd Trade Bait Draft!
9 bloggers will get to pick cards from SpastikMooss' trade bait in a draft format. 
Please take a look at his cards for me and tell me if you find anything interesting!

Jaybarker fan is selling team lots for NFL and MLB cards so check his blog out! I picked up lots for the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Rams!

The blogosphere is awesome!

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  1. Thanks for supporting the contest. Best of luck!