Friday, September 23, 2011

9/23/11 Weekend Deals: Fall Sale and Non-Sports Boxes Sale

Over at Dave and Adam's Card World, there is a fall sale where "virtually any newer box is marked down."

There's no way to show which products are on sale, and most of the price still aren't lower than other sites.

Blowout Cards is having a sale on non-sports boxes, including a box of Simpsons stickers for $3. That sounds like a good throw-in if you're making a purchase, but otherwise, the shipping costs might be a bit prohibitive.

Check the sidebar for the rest of the deals. Most of the boxes have gone down a few more dollars. The links go to the cheapest price I could find.

New this week to the weekend deals: 2011 Heritage Minor League, 2011 Marquee, 2011 Obak Football, and 2010 SP Authentic Football.

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  1. Simpson stickers? I'm all over that. Thanks for sharing.