Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Card Show: My Two Most Expensive Pickups + Two Cardsinfinity Breaks

Here are the two singles I spent the most on at the show:
I've stayed pretty far away from the Bowman craze, but I couldn't pass up this Blue Auto numbered to 99 for $20. Unfortunately this card was the last Vanegas the dealer had and the autograph is way off-center. The dealer had a huge box of prospect autos and graded cards that were all half-price. Most of these Vanegas autos go for around $40. If you're wondering why I'm collecting Vanegas (sort of), Eric L over at Manupatches and Chrome Scratches sent me a USA jersey auto of his. After I learned that he'll be playing at Stanford where I'll be able to watch his games, I've kept an eye out for his cards.

This 2004 Leaf Limited Cuts Will Clark Manupatch auto set me back $25. I can't find any listings for this card online (print run is 100 cards), so that always makes for a good buy. I think the manupatch auto works well because the colors look great and it's "on-card." This is definitely a cool auto.

I've been watching Chris Justice's breaks (where you order boxes and he breaks them on video) for way too much time, so I finally made one purchase. I really shouldn't have bought Court Kings, but I couldn't resist my love for box toppers and a good chance to get an autographed one (they are inserted 2:15 boxes and the rest of the case had yet to yield an auto).
I always love Gridiron Gear, and I picked up a box from the card show also which I'll post later. Interestingly enough, I pulled the Peyton Manning #14/25 in my box and Chris pulled the Peyton Manning #15/25 for me in this box. Also, Brandon Gibson is now on the Rams and is ready to breakout. He has great hands, route running, and YAC ability. He's been the best receiver on the team this preseason.


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    JayBee Anama

  2. Glad I could help kick start a new player collection for you! That blue auto sure is nice looking. And I'm always glad when someone else loves manupatches. :)