Friday, September 9, 2011

Contest Winner and Lots of Shiny Trade Bait

Only four people guessed correctly that the Ackley auto cost more than the Jordan 8 jersey card. The Ackley cost $6 more than the Jordan and I 'll release the prices if/once I sell the cards. Thanks to everyone for their advice. C'mon, everyone knows that the market values prospects/rookies more than four hall of famers and four more of the most iconic NBA players ever ;).

Congratulations to Napkin Doon! Contact me about your prize.

Speaking of your prize... I picked up a box of 1991 1953 Topps Archives cards for $20 at the GT Sports Marketing card show. I haven't busted the whole box, but here are some highlights.
The black and white and the Hank Aaron cards are extra cards that were made in 1991. As nice as the designs are, vintage doesn't look right completely new.

I've been opening some 2011 Bowman Platinum.
The Leo Nunez is an interesting card, a bat card for a NL closer?
The Jose Reyes is green and the Robinson Cano is gold.

The McCutchen and the Carl Crawford are gold.

I also picked up some packs of 2011 Threads.

Cortland Finnegan is one of my least favorite players in the league.

Here's my first look at 2011 Chrome. The Heritage Neil Walker is really cool because of the woodgrain texture on the back of the card. The Vernon Wells is numbered to 225. 

Let me know if you're interested in any card.

EDIT: WTF is going on. It was like 90 degrees earlier and now it's thunderstorming. Also, the Giants are beating Clayton Kershaw?!?!!? (albeit 1-0).
EDIT #2 : @#$! !@%$# I JINXED IT.


  1. this is the way my luck is going lately... I make it to the final four, but finish dead last.


  2. I agree, vintage designs on slick stock are kindda weird.

    Anyways, I can use that Reyes. I'll find something and email you tonight.

  3. Yippie! Did you get my email?

    Thanks for the contest!