Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Boxes of 2009 Gridiron Gear

Checkout the quick contest in the post below! I'll announce a winner tomorrow as I showcase some of the archives cards!
I really like Gridiron Gear. The checklist is unbelievably better than Certified and the Topps products where most hits are of terrible rookies. Gridiron Gear also contains ridiculous patches of veterans, lots of rookies, and some nice low-numbered cards. I also like the base set designs. I picked up the first box for $55 at the card show and the second box for $65 from Chris over at Cardsinfinity.com (had him break it also).
Here's a reminder as to why Gridiron Gear is one of my favorite products:
I pulled this unbelievable patch from 2010 Gridiron Gear earlier this year.

Box 1: 
The regular rookies are numbered to 999.
The X rookies and the Jason Smith are numbered to 250.
The Peyton Manning is numbered #14/25.

OK, so Rhett Bomar isn't the best rookie... but that's a ridiculous patch #38/50!
Steve Largent Patch with stitching # 4/250. Calling San Jose Fuji!
Love these Rookie Gridiron Gems pullout autos, #98/100

Box 2:
Same Numbering as above, the Jim Brown is numbered to 250 and the Rivals card is numbered to 100.
Strangely enough, I pulled the Peyton Manning platinum X #15/25!
Brandon Gibson is ready to breakout this season after proving he's the Rams most reliable and best YAC receiver. I picked up one of his Sterling rookie autos also.
The Josh Freeman is numbered to 250.
The Percy Harvin Jersey is numbered to 250, the MJD dual patch is numbered to 100, and the Knowshon Moreno patch auto is numbered to 25.
I love these patches....


  1. Dude, that Knowshon card is killer. I've never seen any of the gridiron gear cards and they look spectacular. If you don't mind my asking, how much was a box? Looks like a great product.

  2. ....And I just found the prices in the first paragraph. Looks like a great product at a good price.

  3. Cool, I'll shoot you an e-mail. Yahoo sometimes sends mine to spam folders though, just fyi. Also, if it isn't there by this Friday morning, shoot me an e-mail please!


  4. Sweet McCoy autograph and Largent... and yes I definitely can use the Largent.

    Check my tradelist to see if you can use anything... links can be found on the left side of my blog... or go directly to my site:


    Thanks for keeping me in mind. Hopefully we can work something out.