Saturday, September 3, 2011

August Card Show: Rams!

First of all, good job to the Giants and Carlos Beltran for finally remembering how to hit.

Here are some Rams I picked up from the card show:

Bartell is a top cornerback. Some Rams fans use metrics to compare him to Revis and Asomugha, but Bartell is simply a good no. 1. I was pretty surprised to find this rookie numbered to 99 since I've only seen two copies of the /499 version (for around $3-5). I'm not a fan of the mid 2000's Bowman designs, so this card is probably his best rookie.
The Jason Smith patch is pretty incredible, and this card is numbered #1/25. I don't really like Absolute Memorabilia's die cut materials, but I'll gladly make an exception for this card. I picked this card up for $2, probably because he's a right tackle now. Even though he started his career slowly, Jason Smith has had a strong pre-season and could approach pro bowl status soon.
Of course, I had to overpay for a Bradford rookie ($8) since I'll never be able to afford most of his cards.
I'm proud of this Danny Amendola pickup since I got the card, numbered #15/50, for free! You'd think leading the league in all-purpose yards would earn some respect. Amendola only has one true rookie which is from 2008 SP Authentic and goes for around $15. He only had around seven 2010 cards (which each had many variations) and this card could go for around $5.
Also see:

Amendola is one of my favorite players since I love the small receivers with great hands. Wayne Chrebet is another one of my all-time favorites.

This Bowman Sterling Jason Smith looks really lame compared to the Stargazing patch...

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  1. That patch is amazing! Can't believe it was only two bucks. Sweet pickup!