Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can't go to the National, but the Second Best Thing

I'm in Pasadena for a wedding and I stopped by Burbank Sports Cards, the World's Largest Card store in terms of singles. The service was good and the place is really cool. I picked up some new packs and some 90's Basketball Junk Wax. I'm on vacation so I can't initiate any trades, but if you have been sending me stuff recently there is still someone watching the house so it's OK.

This is my beautiful laptop webcam... and they charge $3.00 a scan at the hotel! (not that I would post any breaks or anything from here anyways).


  1. Does Burbank have a ton of singles in their physical location? I like to imagine their headquarters as their beckett real life!

  2. Yeah there are huge shelves. Unfortunately, they are hidden behind a wall and employees only. They have pictures of their stock on the walls though.