Saturday, August 20, 2011

Game 2! Let's go Rams!

I picked up the 3 color Steven Jackson Patch with stitching for $10 last week, and I couldn't resist adding another Gold Team patch to my collection.

The Rams face the Titans today, who are without holdout Chris Johnson! I picked up his patch for $8! Sounds like a good deal to me. I've had some success selling on eBay lately, so you'll see some more good stuff soon.
Javon Ringer should replace Chris Johnson today. I picked up this card at a card show. Ringer can really play and someday he'll get a chance to start somewhere.
Today will also mark the return of Laurinaitis and Donnie Avery in addition to SJAX!
Yes it's probably too soon to see these cards again if you've been reading... I need to increase the size of my collection!
I hope to see more from Lance Kendricks!
I picked up this card for $0.99 before the first preseason game and now it's selling for $25 after a strong first performance.

Time for some football!


  1. I just discovered your blog... love the name! Looks like we're rivals though... since I'm a Seahawks fan... lol.

    Look forward to reading future posts!

  2. Thanks Fuji, your blog is great and I've been reading for a while. I can't really say anything until we beat you this year because of that loss in the last week of last year...

  3. Last year was pretty crazy to see a 7-9 team make the playoffs... and actually beat the defending Super Bowl champs.

    The future definitely looks bright for St. Louis though... can't say the same for Seattle. As long as we beat the 49ers... I'll be happy ;-)