Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mailday: My First Booklet!

I've had success selling some old stuff on eBay, so I decided to treat myself to a couple of purchases.

Here's a Chris Johnson patch, for some reason it looked like a 3 color patch in the eBay scan even though I should know that the ones numbered to 50 are 2 color. This card doesn't come close to my SJAX three color patch,.

And Here's the real beauty, my first booklet. They were listed for around $55, but I watched all of the listings. Eventually, one seller put the card for sale for $29 and I immediately picked up a copy. I've always been fascinated with booklets and have never seen one. They are definitely everything I expected and more. I'm a fan of Gerhart because of his play at Stanford, so this card was perfect for my collection. Unfortunately, I have no skill with tools so I'll have to find a step by step guide to make a case... There's only one for the horizontal booklets up on bustingpacks, but maybe there are vertical booklet cases for sale. Right now, I can't display the booklet though.


  1. A dude in my fantasy football league, and regular golf partner, calls him, "Ger-N-hart".

  2. There have been a few threads about booklet making on Blowout...worth checking out. Nice pick up!