Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Contest Continues: Mail and the First Winner!

I'm not sure if this will show up on the reader feed since my posts seem to be taking a while to show up lately. If this one does but the post below doesn't, check out my break of 2004 Fleer E-X Football below.

I've got a lot of mail to write about so here are a few packages.

 Here are two Bowman Platinum Giants from Napkin Doon!

This is an eBay pickup and a card I've been looking for. I finally found one for 99 cents. Kendricks will be a big part of the Rams offense this year and has already lined up as a halfback, tight end, wide receiver, and fullback in Josh McDaniels' offense.

These next cards are from Joe over at The Sandlot. I found him a Piazza relic that I'll send to him soon but I will owe him some more.

Here's an awesome Mel Ott Relic Card! When I re-entered colecting a few months ago I didn't htink I would end up with a relic card from the early 20th Century.

He also included three beautiful Fleer Showcase Cards!

And Now...
The first winner who gets to choose a relic card form the first contest post!!!
Congrats to Ryan! Contact me with your pick!

Now here's your next chance to win a card!
This time, the prize will be for the Basketball and Football collectors.
In order to be entered into the contest, read any of the best box breaks available in the sidebar and leave a comment here.
The selections are:

These aren't my scans by the way, my Carter has a dark swatch and my Vincent Jackson is completely white.

The overall standings for the contest will be up soon, be sure to comment on the 2004 Fleer E-X Break for points!


  1. Firsties! I like the Just Minors products, even though they usually start too expensive for me. $15 for a box is a great deal, though. Autographed photos have always been a bit awkward in the market though, since it's harder to display them at shows.But one of my favorite autographed products were the UD Golf 8x10s from SP Authentic or something like that. Quality photos with a nice certified autograph make for awesome displays.

  2. real nice Dallas Clark auto on your Icons break. My wife would be very jealous. (she's a huge Colts fan) We got a Gale Sayers patch auto /5 in ours.

    She'd still rather have the Clark. Don't tell her you have one.

  3. I liked the 2009 Just Minors USA Mini Helmet. My son loves USA stuff and Salty used to be a Ranger. The helmets don't look great, but I would have been happy with that one.

  4. The Just Minors Dual Auto's are nice. I'd be interested in the Kouzmanoff base. I collect any and all Indian cards.

  5. The Anthony Dixon signature in the 2010 Press Pass box is beautiful.

  6. I'll go back to the comment I left on the '05 Just Minors boxes when you busted 'em:

    "Congrats on the Braun! That's a sweet pull! I purchased two boxes myself, looking forward to busting them."

    I enjoyed busting them. A fun and great product, though a lot of risk considering the high amount of busts in the product.

  7. UD Icons is a great looking set. I have some of that and think it's pretty cool.

    If I won this one, I think I would take the DJ Augustin and try to flip it to Colbey. :-)

  8. I read the Just Minors break and actually left a comment there as well... Just put the Iribarren card in the binder next to the other two cards I have of him now... Thanks

  9. I read the 07 SP Rookies and '05 Just Minors...and well, you have a lot of luck pulling Braun autos!

  10. On the Icons football break, I'm not a big fan of the manufactured single letter patches, especially for a coach. That being said you could have done a lot worse than a Dallas Clark auto and those two relics you pulled. Plus, there were quite a few serial-numbered cards, too.

  11. Captain Canuck: It is available if she wants it haha.

    Play at the Plate: Yeah, the helmet is a lot cheaper looking than expected, but I'm sure a nice plastic case or something would make it look better.

    Baseball Dad: I'll try to find that for you.

    Greg Zakwin: haha a longtime supporter!

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  12. I do like me some of those 2008 Razor Letterman cards!

  13. Blogger wouldn't let me comment last night but I liked the 2009 Upper Deck Icons very much. While baseball is my main focus, I do dabble in football and thse cards look great. Both manu letters are great and the Deuce/LJ is my favorite.