Saturday, August 27, 2011

Group Break Cards from Thorzul

During the past few weeks, Thorzul at Thorzul Will Rule has been detailing the top 100 finds from a lot he purchased on eBay. He purchased an additional lot and hosted a "break" with the cards the lot contained. I picked up the Giants and had little idea what to expect. Thorzul highlighted a Lincecum Refractor and a Buster Posey Obak Mini, but I wondered how many other quality cards would arrive in the package. I also claimed a Daequan Cook jersey card.

I sorted out most of the junk wax: here's the rest of the cards.

Here are some newer cards, Topps, Bowman, and Icons. I love the ballpark shot.

The Lincecum refractor is in the middle of this page. The Allen & Ginter is really nice.

Here are some older cards, I especially like the Kevin Mitchell mini.

I was quite surprised to see two of the Posey minis. I didn't think I would get my hands on a Belt chrome anytime soon since they are way overpriced around here. The Belt was a great surprise. 

Thanks for the break Thorzul!

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