Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get Ready for Some Mail and a lot of Card Show Posts!

Thanks to Ryan G over at This Card is Cool for helping notify me about the GT sports marketing card show this weekend. I didn't think I would get to go, but at the last minute, my friend asked me to go. I was shocked because most of my friends don't understand our hobby at all.

Anways: here's everything I bought, which you'll see divided into many upcoming posts:
Personally I'm proud of the 1991 Archives box that I picked up for $20. I really should have picked up the two others since I'm sure that many bloggers love the product. Most of the hits in toploaders will be sent out immediately as parts of trades.

Here are packages that will all be going out in the mail this week. That huge stack of cards is Morgan's grand prize! I sold the Blake Griffin on eBay for $66. Even though the Blake saved the box, I really shouldn't have bought Totally Certified....

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