Thursday, August 11, 2011

Contest Update

Here are the standings so far, let me know if there's a mistake.
Congratulations to Spiegel83 for being the first one to identify the first autograph as Andrew Luck.
However, being the Dodgers fan that he is, he didn't put down Willie Mays haha.
I'll just believe in the honor system for the posts, I hope you saw my hint for the first picture.

These autographs are Shayne Skov and Andrew Luck. I ran into them at a charity event and they are extremely nice guys. I really hope the Seahawks, Cardinals, and 49ers are good enough so that they can't draft him. However, Tarvaris Jackson might be bad enough to lead the Seahawks to Luck (no pun intended)

Yes, this is my Willie Mays autographed baseball as almost everyone guessed. This is my favorite Giants piece of memorabilia.

I think everyone got the Chris Mullin ball haha, congratulations to him once again on his induction.

Congratulations to Josh D. and Ryan who have won the first two prizes.

19 more people have followed since the beginning of the contest, so currently the prize package has hit 19 hits. Honestly, at this rate, I don't expect a lot more followers but I might have to rethink the prize system.
I'm not sure what you would do with around 25 hits of average players and I'd bet that you would prefer a hobby box or a high quality hit from a player of your choice. Let me know, because I'm running out of decent hits to offer and I doubt the winner will want or even be able to move all the cards in the prize at this point.


  1. Nice! Thanks for running this contest. I saw that people had put down Willie Mays but, I didnt know it. The honor code,brother!

  2. Those were tough. Great contest so far!

  3. I knew I should have checked Stanford's roster. It's the only one I didn't look at that really matters, I think. That was good fun! Do what you wish with the prize, it's your contest. I'd be super happy with relics scattered among a bunch of sets, but opening a box of something I've never touched before or thought was a fun product would be just as good.