Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Boxes of 2008 Certified, Two Blasters of 2009 Certified

The boxes of 2008 Certified have been pretty cheap for a while, going for $55 while most other Certified products go for $100. The rookie class isn't that bad and I prefer the base design to the 2010 boxes, so I picked up two boxes. I also picked up two of the 2009 blasters which guarantee a hit. This is a pretty quick post.

Here are the inserts, let me know if you're interested in any of them. I prefer the 2008 inserts since the later ones leave large empty spots for the jersey and autographed versions. I've always thought that Certified's rookie set is just too large. The numbered cards and autographs are almost always of no-name players.

I pulled an auto out of the blaster, but Hunter Cantwell is a third stringer.
The jersey cards were small swatches, but good players. My luck was pretty poor, for I pulled only one auto in the first box and and only three jersey hits in the second box (when there should be four hits total).

The Ray Rice was by far the best pull, but I felt completely shafted after the terrible second box.

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  1. I tried one box of 08 Certified and ended up pulling a 1/1 Don Maynard patch auto, it was sick. I never bought another box as I feel all my luck was done on that one. Sorry you didn't do too well but the Rice is nice.