Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Freakin eBay...

sigh... Unfortunately this is completely commonplace haha.


  1. My favorite is when they list an '87 Topps card as "rare".

    I die a little inside every time...

  2. Along these lines, it always kills me when people put "rare" and/or "$" as a part of their listing title. Why?! Do people actually search for those words? What good does it do?

  3. I should look at some of my extras and see if they aren't listed on eBay and then list them as 1/1 ONLY ONE ON EBAY!!!!!! RARE!!!!!$$$$$$ WOW!.

    Especially those 1990 Score singles I occasionally use as protection filler when mailing trades.

    Some people need to get a clue about how much they'll really get for a card or set.

    Eric: I wonder how many people looking through auctions see the "RARE!" text and it draws them to the auction. Maybe idiots. Who knows.

    My biggest pet peeve is someone who lists an auction and tosses keywords in there to up their search results. Do you really get more bids by putting "NO HARPER" in your listing title? All you're doing is cluttering up my search listings with crap I don't even want. (No, I've not been looking for Harpers, but when looking for new stuff for my collection I see it frequently.)

  4. mayhaps he meant it was the only one HE HAS on ebay?? too funny...