Monday, August 1, 2011

A Nice Ginter Blaster, I Really Should Have Done Gint-a-Cuffs (Scored for Fun)

If you're going to the National and leaving later in the week, please help me out and checkout this post.

Just for fun, I will score this Ginter blaster with Gint-A-Cuffs rules with my favorite team being the Giants and my favorite player being Tim Lincecum. Unfortunately, most of the cards have a ding in the lower right corner.
Pack 1
161 Casey McGehee
69 Neftali Feliz
251 Ian Desmond

42 Heath Bell +2 Favorite Player

23 Aubrey Huff Mini +1 My Favorite Team
HH94 C.J. Wilson Hometown Heroes +1
Pack Score: 4
Total Score: 4

Pack 2
26 Edwin Jackson
71 Chris Perez

325 Mike Stanton Short Print +2
AOM 15 Ascent Of Man Catarrhini +1
WMF 10 World's Most Mysterious Figures Captain Charles Johnson +3
Hometown Heroes Adrian Gonzalez +3 Favorite Player and Hometown Heroes
Pack Score: 9
Total Score: 13

Pack 3
296 Derek Lowe
46 Edinson Volquez

AOM 2 Ascent of Man Eukaryotes +1
327 David DeJesus Short Print +2
72 Ad Back Maxim Shmyrev Mini +2

FF13 Floating Fortresses HMS Warrior + 2
Pack Score: 7
Total Score: 20

Pack 4

295 Chris Carpenter
217 Shaun Marcum
166 Geovany Soto

310 Matt Kemp +4 Favorite Player and Short Print
101 Black Bordered Mini Peter Bourjos +3
HH70 Hometown Heroes Troy Tulowitzki +3 Favorite Player and Hometown Heroes
Pack Score: 10
Total Score: 30

Pack 5
209 Guy Fieri
164 Heather Mitts
225 Jack LaLanne (RIP)
96 Daniel Boulud

PP8 Sancho Panza Portraits of Penultimacy +3
HH50 Josh Hamilton +3 Favorite Player and Hometown Heroes

I only got one baseball player in the whole pack...

Pack Score: 6
Total Score: 36

Pack 6

41 Carlos Santana
183 Mike Napoli
215 Andrew McCutchen
124 Chad Billingsley

Nice Card!
28 Edwin Jackson Bazooka Mini 18/25 +20

HH80 Hometown Heroes Cliff Lee +1
Pack Score: 21
Total Score: 57

Pack 7
276 Desmond Jennings
293 Royal Wedding

345 Zach Greinke Short Print +2
256 Hunter Pence +2 Favorite Player

UG2 Uninvited Guests The White House +3
MMF8 Minds that Made the Future Granville Woods +2
Pack Score: 9
Total Score: 66

Pack 8
29 Johnny Cueto
207 Kosuke Fukodome

143 Carlos Zambrano Code Card +3
BHS13 Baseball Highlight Sketches San Francisco Giants +3
261 Carlos Pena Ad Back Mini +2
HH74 Jayson Werth Hometown Heroes +1
Pack Score: 9
Total Score: 75

I should've signed up this year... If you multiply by 3 and add the minimum of 30 points from hits in a hobby box, I would have 255 points and be in the lead... Not to mention the extra cards per pack.

I'll take on any challengers if anyone else picks up a blaster.

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  1. You should definitely get in on Gint-A-Cuffs next year. This was the first time I participated and I had a blast even though I didn't win.